Who we are

Founded in 2002, Intermedia Selection is today made up of a team of over 40 professionals, divided between different industry practices and functional areas.


With more than 320 active clients, we carried out 490 searches and 280 assessment sessions.

25% of our projects are international in nature, either searches outside of Italy for Italian clients or Italian companies looking to recruit foreign managers We have a presence in over 40 countries on each continent, through the network of IIC Partners, among the top global 10 networks and particularly strong in the fast-growing regions of Asia and South America.

We have two offices in Italy: Milan and Rome.



Some brief facts about us

Founded in 2002, with a staff of 40, in 2016 we carried out 490 searches and more than 280 assessment sessions, working with 323 active clients. Intermedia Selection is present in Italy with 2 offices: Milan and Rome and in addition is a partner of the IIC Partners international network, among the top 10 global networks, with a presence in 40 countries.










Distinctive Elements


  • Dedicated practices, spanning Key2People and Intermedia Selection;
  • Ad hoc formation of specialist teams according to competences;
  • Constant dialogue between the various practices to share and compare know how;
  • High quality standard, as attested to by the quality surveys that are prepared for our clients;
  • Client retention: 60% of projects involve clients who, by returning, demonstrate their trust;
  • Close and ongoing involvement with the business community;
  • Projects crossing international borders, with searches already performed successfully in: the UK, Germany, Spain, France, China, Brazil, Argentina and Russia.